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What We Do


Knight Collective is a boutique fashion brand and retail consultancy that works alongside designer brands to enable their creative visions in a way that is both respectful to the creator and relevant to the market. We work with our designers to bring their creative vision alive in an authentic and evocative way.

Knight Collective is known as a business that not only presents creative newness and vibrancy but is engaged and supportive of all elements of the designer business, the collection development, range planning, pricing, international appropriation, brand development, marketing and retail cycle management.

We work in a collaborative way with our industry network of experts, from stylists, photographers, speciality designers, manufacturers, as well as VIP and PR consultants across the globe.

Our designers are a combination of unique talents, emerging talents, commercial talents and successful local brands. What they all have in common is their vision to grow internationally. We work with them as an amplifier and a matchmaker, growing daily with them on the journey of discovery and engagement with their audiences.

A note on sustainability

It is important to us that each brand in our collective is taking action to become progressively sustainable. Ethical practices including ensuring a living wage throughout the entire supply chain is non-negotiable with the brands we work with. We encourage and help each brand to take responsible steps towards becoming more sustainable with each collection they create. We work with each brand in our collective to reflect on and make positive changes in fabric choice, manufacturing options, and packaging. There is so much to be learnt in the sustainability landscape and while none of our brands are completely sustainable we look forward to working alongside them in making conscious choices. 

Who We Are

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