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The new Venice Time Crystal collection gestures towards a theory of time, hand crafted pieces in silver, gold, gemstones and her signature Space Glass. Jewellery inspired by the tradition of cameos and intaglios - objects of devotion etched in time.

Trained at Central Saint Martins in London and College of Fine Arts in Sydney, this season designer Venice Rish explores the crystalline and the chronological, the timeless and the temporary, as they collapse and intertwine. Venice is a unique creator that invites the wearer to bring a little piece of the natural and cosmic worlds into their every day. In the 60’s NASA developed dichroic glass to protect spacecraft instruments from harmful radiation. This experiment created dichroic glass, a high-tech art form that allows some wavelengths of light to reflect, and others pass through. The coating is similar to a gemstone and is formed when ultra-thin layers of metal oxides and quartz crystal are vacuum deposited on glass. Fascinated by this high-tech medium, with its unique light reflecting properties, Venice developed her own glass casting technique, calling it SPACE GLASS for its optical illusions and shimmering qualities that resemble the cosmic river of the Milky Way.

Resort 22 orders open now for a November 2021 delivery.


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