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Among Equals 

Among Equals bilum bags are handwoven by artisan weavers in Papua New Guinea, and through our non-profit endeavour we are committed to honouring and promoting their craft on a global platform. The impact of our brands success is deep and measurable in their communities. Every Among Equals bilum bag is unique, a one-of-a-kind work of art particular to the weaver and her home region. Working with handwoven fibres sourced from surrounding vegetation together with natural dyes made from plants, ochres and berries, each bag takes around six weeks to make and tells the weaver’s personal story of strength and hope. The handwork and attention to detail is extraordinary. Today, we celebrate their art and incorporate its beauty into our lives and our wardrobes: it is our goal is to make change through empowering these inspiring communities. 


We share these bags with you to not only embrace the beauty and texture they offer into your everyday look but as an opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the lives of our weavers and contribute to a more circular community.  


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